An ecosystem of projects

Abundant Earth Foundation raises money for grassroots permaculture projects that emphasise supporting youth, women, diversity, disaster response, networking, and social entrepreneur efforts.
A little support can have a big influence when we pool our resources and redistribute to those who need some assistance to do their great work. Below are a few of the over 60 projects and events we have helped support through the generous donations of our supporters.

Mensa Tsedze and Earth Guardians Africa, Togo, Africa

Earth Guardians Africa is an international youth-led organization of activists calling for defense and regeneration of the Earth’s eco and social systems. Mensa Tsedze is the lead African representative. With the financial support of AEF, Mensa from Togo, a West African nation, was able to attend an in depth Permaculture Design Course through the Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya with additional training in Uganda. This opportunity greatly inspired Mensa and provided him the knowledge to establish a demonstration farm in his home community.

In his words: 

“Our greatest desire is to bring this program to Togo and to implement it in order to inspire youth with permaculture and regenerative agriculture. We believe that regenerative agriculture is the key to protecting the climate, protect biodiversity to ensure ecosystem balance, and provide food security for our people.

To achieve this, we need a sustainable project of permaculture that will allow many people to see what we do, learn how we do it and how to start their own farms. Thus, the permaculture movement can reach Togo in many different localities.” 

Through mentorship, connections, and additional financial support, AEFseeks to help Mensa establish a learning center and follow his dream of spreading permaculture to more youth throughout Togo and other areas of Africa. 

Amisacho, Ecuadorian Amazon

Lexie Gropper and a team of women mycologist from the organization Amisacho, are working with indigenous leaders from throughout the Amazon Headwaters region learning to use mushrooms as a means of cleaning up toxic waste left by oil companies. They are also learning to aid their communities by using mushrooms for their health benefits and economic opportunities. Abundant Earth Foundation offered financial assistance for the first training sessions, and hopes to help raise more money to expand support as training continues with the “Guardians of the Soil:The Environmental Reparations Committee of the Upper Ecuadorian Amazon.”

As Lexie shared following the training: 

“We did Concept Mapping of each community and where their waterfalls, gardens, houses, bathing spots were located in relation to the closest pipelines, drill sites or oil flares. We invited the lead lawyer fighting the Chevron pollution case, who represents the 30,000 indigenous people, to give an amazingly motivational presentation that really united the communities.

There were many moments when I wanted to cry upon learning stories of the environmental damage and suffering endured, and moments when I wanted to cry in response to their enthusiasm, their desire to collaborate and their passion for healing the land. It was so powerful and magical and everybody was so grateful to Abundant Earth Foundation for this grand opportunity.” 

Reflorestar, Portugal

>Susana Guimarães and Marina Nobre founded Reflorestar after the fatal fires in Pedrogão Grande,Portugal in 2017. Reflorestar’s mission is to boost the collective human capacity to cooperate in the regeneration of both Earth and Humanity. Caring for forests is caring for people. Part of their work is to respond to the food and economic needs of human communities while regenerating and enhancing ecosystems, forests and water, thereby preserving and maintaining the entire water cycle. They are active in educating communities how to prepare for and recover from forest fires from an ecological perspective. 

In September of 2019, Abundant Earth Foundation helped sponsor the 2nd Gathering for the Forests convergence organized by Reflorestar Portugal. 150 attended at Herdade do Freixo do Meio, Portugal.

Over the course of 3 days, bonds of trust, sharing and conversation occurred  in the direction of a national collaborative community, which was enhanced by several local initiatives. From such collaboration came proposals that will be developed by participants: such as regional reforestation centers; seed valorization; educational proposals for schools; and the revision and elaboration of legislative proposals. Everyone was inspired by the work to create a regenerative culture in Portugal.

Now Reflorestar is looking for financial support for the continuation of its work: offering consulting services; event organization; reforestation and seed harvesting activities; tree nurseries, and teamBuilding experiences for companies based on ecosystem restoration activities. Learn more at Reflorestar-portugal.com

  • We Plant Forest & Agroforests.
  • We Empower Local Communities and Land Ownership.
  • We Help Recover Degraded Ecosystems.
  • We Run Courses on Sustainable practices.

Lead to Life, Oakland, California

Inspired by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes and an ancient lineage of ‘Swords to Plowshares’ innovators , Lead to Life is transforming guns into shovels for tree planting ceremonies held at those sites that have been impacted by violence or which carry spiritual significance. In January of 2019, Abundant Earth Foundation supported Lead to Life, Permaculture Action Network and passionate collaborators at an all day event that brought hundreds of people together for a work party at the Planting Justice nursery in Oakland, California (occupied lands of the Ohlone People.) 

The power of community was felt by all participants, and the impact of planting a tree with a shovel that was formerly a gun offered an experience that could be called spiritual. Combining social justice, permaculture, and the honoring of indiginous peoples, Lead to Life provides  a great initiative that is thought provoking and heartwarming at the same time.

The Transition Movement

website: transitionUS.org

The Transition Town Movement has spread across the globe over the last 15 years, stemming from England’s Rob Hokins project looking to expand the principles of permaculture to community wide initiatives. By engaging communities in citizen-led actions, education, and multi-stakeholder planning sessions, Transition initiatives seek to increase the resilience and self reliance of local communities. 

AEF supported scholarships for online trainings and educational programs of Transition US to provide accessibility of this crucial information. 

Transition’s Guiding Principles include:

  1. Positive Visioning
  2. Help People Access Good Information and Trust Them to Make Good Decisions
  3. Inclusion and Openness
  4. Enable Sharing and Networking
  5. Build Resilience
  6. Inner and Outer Transition
  7. Subsidiarity: self‐organization and decision making at the appropriate level


Your tax deductible donations to Abundant Earth Foundation go directly to helping support these and other grassroots efforts around the world.